Our original and popular Deflector Screen"! installs easily with our U-Clamp Mount System, and offers our patented NoHole Ballsocket"! and our no-tool Rake Adjust"! Hardware. You can set the screen angle to optimize comfort and style by a simple adjustment of the wing screws, and the radial-tooth locking mechanism keeps the screen at the angle you choose.

The Deflector Screen"! offers outstanding wind protection for such a small shield, and is an excellent value. As a convenience, both 7/8" (22mm) and 1" (25mm) handlebar clamps are included in each hardware kit.

Available in Clear or 25% Light Tint 3.0mm High Impact Acrylic; DOT and ABE Approved.
4-Point mounting with our U-Clamp Mount System and No-Hole Ballsocket"! technology and RakeAdjust"!. All hardware is included.
Smoke (Light)
Fits Honda
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